Free financial guide for individuals – get rid of debt

Many Danes find it difficult to get the economy to vote and therefore end up in RKI. You may already be a poor payer at Good Credit.

Either way, Good Finance here will provide you with free financial guidance for individuals. You will get our best advice and recommendations on how to get out of debt problems.

Need to get rid of debt?

Need to get rid of debt?

If you need to get rid of the debt, the worst thing you can do is to ignore your creditors. It will only incur more reminder fees and greater debt.

Start a dialogue with creditors

Start by getting an overview of all your debt and start a dialogue with your creditors. For example, if stand in RKI and have money problems, they can confidently understand that you cannot pay the bills right now. Here you can then try to make agreements with each one that you pay it several times.

Debt settlement

Debt settlement is an opportunity that applies to the particularly hard-hit Danes. It may be you have gone bankrupt with your company or just declared personal bankruptcy. In all cases, you have an unpaid debt that will take you many years – almost decades – to pay off.

In these particular situations, you have the option of getting debt relief, but it is a relatively complex area, so here you should read more about it first and seek professional advice. A lawyer will certainly be able to help you.

Debt equals creditors, so whatever your situation, you should be in an open dialogue with them. Often the debt is associated with a bank, mortgage lender, an online loan company or SKAT.

You can be sure that SKAT will probably recover their money, but if you have expensive consumer loans with the online providers, you can collectively benefit from these. You can do this with a few selected providers online and otherwise the bank will often help you.

A so-called collateral loan

A so-called collateral loan

Allows you to settle the expensive loans with huge APR levels and pay only one place. You can actually apply for small loans at no cost online, but in the past many Danes have borrowed small amounts with really high costs. The collateral loan will save you a lot of money and give you a better overview. In the end, it is a good way to settle your loan so that you get debt free faster and cheaper.

We hope you become aware of your options and how you should handle the various situations. We have deliberately chosen to address some of the most widespread debt situations in Denmark.