Rajasthan Council of School Education issues advisory to end childhood gambling addiction


Noting the widespread gambling addiction among young people, the government of Rajasthan has issued a special advisory to parents and teachers to protect children from online gambling addiction. The Rajasthan School Education Council on Saturday issued an advisory with technological suggestions for analyzing children’s play activity and participation.

Speaking on the increase in the number of currently reported drug addiction cases, Rajasthan School Education Board Deputy Commissioner Sana Siddiqui said: “In the age of technology, online games are very popular. popular among children. to the coronavirus pandemic has increased the use of mobile and internet among children, due to which the trend of online games among children has also increased rapidly. ”

She further pointed out that these online games are easily accessible to young people and can be played on devices connected to the Internet such as computers, tablets and smartphones, resulting in widespread addiction. “These games are designed in such a way as to excite the player to the point of the passion to play more. This is the reason why gamers become addicted to them and end up suffering from gambling disorders due to which the educational and social life of the player. ‘child is adversely affected,’ Siddiqui told PTI.

Notice to parents and teachers:

1. The guidelines advise parents and teachers to keep an eye on their children if they behave strangely and are primarily engaged in online activities. They need to identify if the child has shown a rapid increase in time spent online, especially on social media, and has become violent after spending time online.

2. The guidelines recommended that parents set up an “Internet gateway” at home to help with effective monitoring, logging and use of content by young people.

3. The child is also advised to use a laptop in the family space to access the Internet.

With the onset of the pandemic, children are forced to stay indoors since schools have been closed and they were not allowed to go out; since then they have been spending a lot of time online. The internet has become an integral part of everyone’s life, whether it is switching to online education, talking to friends on social media platforms, or spending time playing with gadgets instead. to do physical sport.

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