Randolph Elementary School Teacher Shows Her Students The Importance Of American Sign Language


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -Kelly Rahmeier’s kindergarten students are learning their ABCs and a little ASL.

She says the basic American Sign Language lessons were inspired by a hard of hearing student.

“Upon learning that he was learning ASL, the interpreter and I decided to teach ASL to the whole class. deaf, ”she said.

Rahmeier says that although she is not certified to teach ASL, she believes it is an important skill.

“It’s just wonderful, I love it and the kids love it, it’s just awesome, so I started a graduate program so that I can also be a deaf teacher“, a- she declared.

Now her lesson plans include simple words to familiarize her students with the language.

“Starting early in the morning we are going to make a calendar and teach the days of the week and we teach simple conversations like ‘hello’ and letters and we also have a station in our classroom which is sign language so that they learn to spell words, ”said Rahmeier.

They saw an added benefit when the covid hit, and teachers and students had to wear masks.

“Being able to use our hands and teach a little ASL and use our expressions with our faces, eyes and eyebrows has been really helpful.”

Rahmeier says American Sign Language gives his students more confidence.

“It’s great for kids who don’t even have a hearing difference, it gives them another opportunity to communicate, especially our kids who aren’t so verbal, they can ask for things, even ask to go to the bathroom , they just show me the sign for it instead of asking, ”.

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