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A teacher on the coast is concerned about the impact of COVID on the 2022 school year, the government now that the start of the first term will not be delayed. A high school teacher – who wished to remain anonymous – said the uncertainty around the school year was concerning. “I think most teachers have accepted that at some point there will be students in their classes who get COVID and might be absent for a while, which raises a lot of issues for us,” they said. declared. “The workload that would be involved with this type of digital classroom for those who might be out of school – while simultaneously teaching in face-to-face classrooms – is of great concern.” In addition to concerns about students, there is also concern that teachers are contracting COVID. “I don’t know how they are going to handle when the staff start to get sick because there is already a shortage of teachers in the state,” they said. “I have a few colleagues who are cancer survivors and are immunocompromised from the treatment they received, and I wonder if they will even come back this year.” IN OTHER NEWS: Education Minister Sarah Courtney said a number of measures will be taken to keep students safe, including installing air purifiers in classrooms. “Over 1,000 air purifiers have been received by the ministry, of which more than 800 have already been delivered to schools, and more air purifiers will be received and distributed before the start of the quarter,” said Courtney . “This is in addition to other work to increase ventilation and air flow, including window repairs and maintenance of heating and cooling systems. Additional cleaning arrangements will also be kept in place. for classrooms and common areas. ” Ms Courtney also said more outside learning opportunities will be implemented to reduce the risk of COVID. “The program to improve outdoor learning opportunities includes working with schools and children’s and family learning centers to identify other outdoor learning opportunities and to support improvements to outdoor learning environments. ‘outdoor learning that could increase flexibility for sites to offer outdoor learning, “she said. The government is currently not expected to delay the start of the first term.” Schools will reopen as planned on February 9 and we will continue to follow public health advice throughout the year to ensure that our safety measures keep our schools as safe as possible, “Ms. Courtney said.” Although we recognize concern, our community is learning to live with COVID-19 with appropriate safeguards in place to reduce the risk, especially in our schools. ”Our journali stes work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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