UCT Summer School 2022: education everywhere


Dear colleagues and students

People talk about embracing change. Have you ever thought about the power of letting change embrace you?

University of Cape Town (UCT) 2022 summer school program is designed to immerse you in new ideas, expert knowledge and creative thinking – to enlighten, entertain and inspire.

UCT Summer UniversityThe offers are aimed at a wide range of interests. At the root of every course and special conference is the desire to unleash human potential, whether in Cape Town, the rest of South Africa, other parts of the continent or the world.

Its wide range of extramural courses helps to illustrate the theme of the summer school: “Education is everywhere”. By integrating with the Development and Alumni Department and migrating our course content to digital platforms, UCT Summer School is now reaching a more diverse community of alumni and friends around the world, including through live broadcasting in resource-poor communities. In this way, the 72-year-old UCT Summer School tradition remains young at heart and nimble.

For the first time, the UCT Summer School 2022 offer will include:

  • IsiXhosa, Afrikaans and Afrikaaps language courses
  • courses that earn continuing professional development points
  • courses that can be viewed around the world, at participants’ preferred times
  • access to university education for resource-poor communities, linked to attendance certificates
  • courses grouped together in an innovative way to facilitate choice
  • the purchase of books related to online courses via a direct link from the website
  • a digital brochure and automated booking system that takes participants seamlessly to UCT’s summer school website and booking site for each selected course
  • pictograms and training videos, to facilitate access to the Microsoft Teams platform
  • early bird discounts for UCT alumni and Legacy Society members
  • key sponsorship opportunities, to align like-minded corporate entities with the goals and interests of the university.

It is the largest public education program of its kind in Africa, bringing together academics, industry experts, thought leaders and audiences from around the world. Notable academics teaching in 2022 include UCT professors Ed Rybicki, Adam Haupt, Isabelle Ansorge, and Francis Nyamnjoh.

Although the courses are available online, participants can also return to the annual university experience in 2022, with the opportunity to meet people from the diverse communities of Cape Town.

May the UCT 2022 Summer School whet your curiosity, invite your questions and ideas, and create pathways for your ideas to flow.


Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng
Vice chancellor

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